A Jumble of Photos for Early February

Beginning of February highlights:

In photo form:

When did San Francisco become the Huangpu River?

Corinthian columns and a sculpted male.

J and the base of the dome.

Young leaves emerge from the tree like the business end of deodorant from the tube.

Awesomonimbus clouds over Russian Hill.

Skank rocks.

Cute little sail boats heading out into certain death.

I took a trip to the outpost and gas mining colony of the planet Bespin. Here, the clouds linger beneath the Bespin Gate Bridge.

Another view from above the fog line.

Epiphany tree.

The ocean below.

A living bird.

A dead bird.

“Just launch it.” The remains of a Nike missile silo in the Presidio.

The elusive Brokeh’s Hummingbird.

Bay Bridge, Bay Barge.

Officially empty tanks.

Door number three, for all your super-complicated bathroom needs.

The office.

Magnolia blossoms.

Aloe vera flowers.

Hold onto your butts, for here’s the electric cart I rode while pretending a mean tyrannosaurus was chasing us.

Fruit tree planting at the children’s garden.

How many people does it take to screw in a tree?

Squirrel and gopher prevention wire.

My apple tree.

Child asks adult about tree things.

Hawk at sunset.

Cargo ship delivering the evening load of Chinese tea, tungsten, and dildoes.

My mind reels over what I’ll see in the middle of February, but I bet it will be more stuff from within 7 miles of where I sit for hours and hours a day.

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