A Walk Around Lake Merritt in Oakland, California

Recently, J-DAWG and I took the scooter across the Bay to Oakland. We unsaddled and began to stroll around Lake Merritt. This tidal lagoon lies just east of downtown Oakland, California and is the United States’ first official wildlife refuge. Our walk followed the 3.1 mile pedestrian path around the perimeter.

A few surprises: There are a ton of birds around this lake, as well as trash and a shore crusted with barnacles and muscles.

A “say what?” bird on a pay phone.

Giant Burgers.

It’s common knowledge that white pelicans are lazy.

King Fisher hiding behind irises.

Boy and his birds.

A shore encrusted with barnacle and muscles.

Enough with the tufted ducks.

Nothing cuter than a begging goose.

Containment boom.

The secret base.


Dead fish.

Looking east.

One of the menacing sleek gulls.

Another view of the lake.

The deforested concrete jungle of downtown Oakland.

Suck on this photo, Gursky!

Napping man.

Pride of Madeiras.


The Gardens at Lake Merritt.

The free, public bonsai garden near the lake. Some of the trees are over 100 yeas old.

A small, 100 year old maple tree.

A cedar.

Classy copper windows.

One of the best sandwiches in the world comes from Bakesale Betty.

After our stroll and sandwiches, J and I went for a quick drive through the hills of Berkley. The beautiful and quirky homes must cost a king’s ransom.

As they say in the East Bay, “That’s all for now.”


Oh wow, those bonsai are gorgeous.


The photos are gorgeous. What kind of camera did you use? Nice to see someone taking such an interest in our Lake Merritt.

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