Likely the Last Batch of Photos from the Trusty D40 as I Anticipate Delivery of a Full-frame 5DmkII

Old and new.

Like all good friends, I’ve outgrown my Nikon D40 and have decided to abandoned it for something better. It’s heartless, but that’s life.

I purchased the D40 in March of 2008 after I came back from a trip to Spain and France. I looked at the grainy pictures from my little Canon POS and decided that “Point and Shoot” really meant “Piece of Shit.”

Being a frugal bastard, I bought the cheapest SLR with the best quality.

In the last three years, D40 and I have seen a lot together. We’ve been to a handful of different countries and have snapped nearly 48,000 third world-class photos. That works out to about 44 photos a day. That’s almost 100 photos a day!

I raise this batch of miscellaneous photos in toast.

The Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park might as well be Utopia on a sunny weekend afternoon.

Frolicking child.

The start of tomatoes.

My new workplace. I started a full-time job last week at a small place downtown.

J and I pose on our new, fancy couch.

Pink panties by my scooter.

Golden Gate Bridge in the fog.

A whale spouts water in the bay. I didn’t know whales came into the bay. Hopefully a boat won’t ram it.

Flowers at Crissey Field.

A J made dinner.


Picnic aftermath.

Man in a crowded Chinatown park.

The overpass people.

Suntanning hobo.

Chinese style construction.

The Transamerica Tower.

The new camera might bring changes to this blog too such as fewer photos per post but higher quality. I’m also considering transitioning to less of a life blog and more to themed posts. Now that I have a full-time job again, I’ll have to see what time allows.

Now when will my new camera arrive?


Now with new camera you can take your own wedding pictures. “Juggler “

exciting! congrats on the new gig and new rig!


Congratulations! I’ve been following your posts in the past year… … and all your photographs taken with this D40 is amazing. Your new camera is a nice one. I love it a lot although it’s very heavy.


Thanks guys. I agree, the new camera is heavy. I’ll get used to it.

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