Squeezing in Fun Between Work During Memorial Day Weekend

Sad, but true.

As Friday came to a close, most workers piled into the city streets to celebrate three days of relaxation, barbecues, and remembering the non-enemy corpses of war.

Unfortunately, my weekend wasn’t free and clear. Two presentations were upcoming, and I had to deal with both over the holiday. So I had to work around the work to make the most of time in between. Luckily, this helped structure my days. Unluckily, it meant that I couldn’t leave town for a longer trip.

On Saturday, I finally returned to the Presidio to voluntarily pull weeds. Afterward, J and I drove to the mission for lunch, getting soaked by a freak rainstorm, and seeking shelter in a hip coffee shop full of drenched hipsters. That evening, we hoofed it to Lands End Trail with enough time to catch the sunset.

After a long break, I finally made it back to pulling weeds in the Presidio.

Truck full of wild radish and other worthless plants.

A big basket of fresh noodles at Yamo, a hole in the wall Chinese/Burmese restaurant in the Mission.

Tea leaf salad: $6.

Racing along the trail to catch the sunset at Lands End.

J and the bush lupine.

Golden Gate.


Silhouette, sans defined chin.

On Sunday, we went for a drive through the industrial parts of town, stopping for ice-cream and a walk through some old warehouses by the water that will eventually be torn down to build some soulless house/shopping complex.

That evening, we piled all our camping gear on the scooter and drove the short distance to Rob Hill Campground. The pack of Presidio people was well feed and friendly. I broke out the feather, and a massive group of surprisingly skilled kickers formed a circle of fun.

Exploring the last remaining industrial areas of SF.

Crazy scrawls of a man living in a camper and making cairns.

Poster through chain link.

Fences where there were no fences before.

I’m not part of your system!

Pretty flowers, prettier metal building.

Out of context massive tire bumper.

Only the freshest ingredients go into making the crappiest fried rice.

Our garlic harvest drying in the kitchen. The cloves are small but potent. [Insert that’s what she said joke here.]

Camping with the Presidio buddies at Rob Hill Campground.

I didn’t sleep well. I was like the princess in the princess and the pea story, only my pea was a tent and sleeping bag and I was sleeping inside it instead of on top of it, and I pulled the test on myself. But it did prove that I’m a princess.

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