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Black and White July 4th Weekend

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

In celebration of our country’s independence, J and I walked on the beach, through a zoo, to a concert, and to the summit of Angel Island.

I forgot to load a color memory card into my camera, so unfortunately all the photos are black and white.

Without further color…


A stranger watched the sun setting between poop rocks.

Big Bessie.


Gorilla not in the mist.

Utility door.


Restricted area.

Lion house.

Photo booth hotties?

Nicholas cage.


Over and under.

Marsh grass.

A hillside of Niko Case fans at Stern Grove.

Boat to Angel Island.

Show offs.

The utility box fornicator.


The North Ridge Trail.

Deeper in the woods.


Above the trees.

The first glimpse of the expensive city.

Looking down on Fort McDowell.


Thistles and power, an unrelated combination.

I can’t believe it’s butterfly!

That picnic spot is so raven!

A view down Angel Island with the Golden Gate in the distance.


Midget fence.

Four foot long gopher snake.

A rest before heading to the afternoon ferry home.

Crissey Field at nightfall.

Grand finale.

Good news, I just found my color memory card!

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