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No longer a traveling man, this sad and reader-less blog writer has buckled down at work and had not much to share in the way of writing or life photography.

One of few cash-free fruits of this labor is finally airing on TV, cinema, and the tubes. It’s a pretty nice spot for XBOX Kinect.

This week I did go for a walk around Chinatown to take some photos and get lost in the delusion of being in an exotic place. I’m slowly building up the guts to take photos of all the interesting characters shuffling around that neighborhood. Until then, some colorful walls:

Pink Masons.

Poo alley.

Why do I imagine Sarah McLachlan singing this sign?

Sloped truck.

Yes, I would like a casino arrangement.

Colorful walls.

Pigeons in the alley.

Assassins? Ass?

A lonely bracing.

Wheeling and dealing.

The right and wrong way to descend into the Family Association basement.

Pink pipes and classy tile.


Crusty balls.

Private club door with a ruckus behind it.

Never forget.

Shrimp bucket.

UPS waiting for a joyride.

Meet me at Mr. Bing’s.

Where has this year gone? Stores are already discounting Movember candy and stocking up on Soul Patchmas stuffers. It feels like just yesterday was November 10th!

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November 11th, 2011. Categories / San Francisco

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