Spring and Family

Sun. Visiting family. Biking and paddle boats.

Lupines at Baker Beach.

The old woman in blue.

Clothes on a wall.

The end of the alley.

A mysterious house in a Chinatown alley.

The stressful pedestrian hole to the Broadway Tunnel.

Translucent underwear.



The Fort Mason community garden. Only a 7 year waiting list to get a plot!


Webbed toes.

Gradient sunset.

Clay pipe explosion.

Traffic light foods.

Drying beet colored cloth on the roof.

The secret garden.


Dewy buds.

Ceiling fan in a humid room.

Tortoise shell plant.

Sonic the Hedge.

Fern cone.

Soft shell turtle is good luck if stroked.

Street chicken. I have nearly the same photo from 7 years ago.

Wild radishes in full bloom in Pacifica.

Flowers and fences.

A closer look.

Flowering ice plant.

Scenic faucet.

Scenic faces.

The tempest.

Oh chit!

The Chairman truck at the Treasure Island Flea Market.

A hot mess.

BMX and burning man broad.


The saddest bounce house.

Grill damage.

Paddle boats!

The island of Stow Lake.

Fresh, turtle tasting drinking water.

Mother and sister on the other side of the bridge.


Take a good hard look at my family on a boat.

Algae foam.

BBQ oysters at Tamales Bay.

Shells, minus cheese.


The rock juggler is the coolest juggler on the beach in Bolinas.

Impending doom.

On a bike after twenty years.

The remains of Doyle Drive.

Another view.

Behind the power Presidio power station.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Love your photos! Tell your mom hi. I miss seeing her!

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