A Busy January Halfway Over

January 18th, 2013: San Francisco

January is half over and I have little to show for it other than lots of hours at work for a pitch, white fly and ant infested indoor tomato plants that are still fruiting, and a desire to watch The Walking Dead.

Behind the scenes, my whole site is getting a much-needed makeover. I’m junking a lot of old work, simplifying the design, making it bigger and bolder, and letting the work speak for itself. It will still have a timid, nasal quality to it. But when it has a chance to sing, it will be in deafening falsetto.

The site is just the first part of a set of vague plans I have for the year. Big changes are happening soon, and I’m very excited.

Until then, some photos:

The stained glass dome of the Columbarium.

He died for my sins.

Some of many urn cubbies.

Looking across the dome of death.

Newer cubbies.

Mourning chairs.

Cool light on cool marble.

The not so classy, new wings.

Outside view of the Columbarium.

Grace Cathedral’s outdoor labyrinth.

My first successful loaf of bread on our new table cloth.

Shower operator.

Coordinated flowers.

Fresh TV.

Seafoam and burgandy stairs.


A bench to enjoy our local waterfowl.

Our local waterfall.

Muscovy duck doesn’t five a f–k.

Miniature UN summit near the Golden Gate Bridge.

J approaching the beach on our 20 mile weekday lunch ride.

My bike.

A nice spot for lunch.

J’s bike resting too.

Biking home.

And stopping to watch the catails disintegrate.

That smell isn’t body odor. It’s my hopes and dreams. And maybe a little body odor.

3 Responses

Jamie said:

You’re handsome.

Nik replies:

Thanks, babe!

Charinee said:

you guys are hilarious

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