Slacklining, Aimless Walks and 10.3 Miles to the Mission and Back

A few days of rain remind me of generally how rainless San Francisco is. For most of November, the fog has been minimal too.

During a few sunny weekend days, I’ve enjoyed slacklining in Marin, going on aimless walks around the neighborhood, and taking a 10.3 mile walk with J from our apartment to the Mission and back.

N.G. on the slackline.

Striking my signature “drunken crane” pose.

Bocce balls.

Bocce Goddess.

A brand new family.

Cleanup: aisle window!

Creepy doorway.

Fire at the Internet Archives.

A random collection of paper?

Corner cone.

Photos from the long walk:

A vacant lot is a makeshift litter box.

Orange wall, blue daisies.

A useless little fence.

Faded gate.

Crushed stones.

Guard pumpkins.

The portal.


Yoga relfection.

The American pyramid.

Gingko turning from green to yellow.


Asphyxiated mime.

These apartments aren’t on the level.

Life finds a way.

Antlers on a third story.

Only blue masking tape can keep people out.

Glory hole for the man that lives beneath the stairs.

Thali time.

A Mission mural.

An ATM freshly sprayed with weed killer.

Testing my patience.

A fence to prevent orange invasion.

The Poor Boys make their mark.

Street wine.

Cane and cape.

St. Mary’s Cathedral looks like a crashed blimp.

Inside, looking to the left. Can you spot the litter?

Asian tourists for scale.

Sleek, modern, divine.

A man turns his back on God.

An entire box of chocolates left on a nearby garbage bin.

Holidays are coming soon, and I’m ready for a break from work and the rain.

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November 20th, 2013. Categories / San Francisco

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