Scootering to Muir Beach, Stow Lake, Mt. Davidson, and Almost Alameda

Over the past few days, J and I have been doing a lot of driving on the new scooter. “June gloom” is here early, bring with it cold, windy, and overcast weather. Here are a few photos from the last 160 miles:

On Tuesday, we went across the Golden Gate Bridge, through the Marin Headlands, Sausalito, and up the 1 to Muir Beach. It’s fun to go across the bridge, but even more tooling around the mostly empty roads in the hills. The roads were tight and winding, and the green grass has started to dry.

Rainbow in the drizzle at Inspiration Point in the Presidio.

The rocks of Muir Beach.

Empty hills.

J and the scooter at Crissy Field.

Pigeon roosting on our fire escape.

Thursday: peddle boating at Stow Lake! Afterward, we went to Clement Street to stock up on cheap cherries and Vietnamese food.

Boating and refreshments at Stow Lake.

Row boat.


Stow Lake has algae-infested green water.

Peddle boats.

Rate sign. Note the steep pricing.

My feet to the peddles.

The island in the middle of the lake.

Bridge to the island.

J in the sun.

The view.

Baby geese.


Fishing bird and turtle.

Boat and platform.

Another view of the island.

Warning painted on shipping container.

For lunch, tasty Vietnamese sandwiches and coconut juice.

Friday’s weather was crappy, but we went on a drive up Market to check out Mt. Davidson Park. According to the map, there should have been an enormous sculptural cross up there somewhere, but we couldn’t find it. Heavy fog was blowing in, so there was no view from the top. Luckily, scads of hummingbirds, bees and sparrows were fighting over flowers.

The misty jungle leading up to the top of Mt. Davidson Park.

Large, lonely tree towers over J.

Road construction.

Power line in the mist.

Dolores St.

It was on Dolores St. that my scooter lost its newness. I had gotten off to take a photo and thought J had it under control (because she confirmed that she did), only to find her fallen over with the bike on top of her. The bike had been scraped on the underside, edge, and tailpipe, removing numerous chips of paint. Plus, there was a slight dent on the side. I was so pissed, and I spent the rest of the day fuming and regretful that the newness of the scooter was so short-lived.

Of course, what’s the value of having something new anyway? I pondered this very issue the last time my new scooter had gotten tipped in Portland. Reading over my thoughts, it all applies.

For me, the logical part of my brain knows that the perfection of a new object is the most fleeting quality. But there is something about it that I celebrate, fixate on, and become affected by its loss. Pathetic, I know. Maybe that’s why I don’t get many new things.

On Saturday, we went across the Bay Bridge to Alameda. The weather was cold, and we couldn’t find the tunnels to take us to the island. Instead, we drove through the empty weekend streets in the Port of Oakland, took the bridge back, ate lunch at a cafe, and played some pinball.

Enormous propeller.

Middle Harbor Shoreline Park.


Empty street.


The pier near Musée Mécanique.

Hopefully the weather will get better. Until then, zoom zoom.

May 15th, 2010. Categories / Bay Area

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