Exam Day

Today all of the students are taking their final exams, except for a rebel contingent of teenagers who took theirs earlier. Everyone is decked out in the blue and white uniforms of government school like some kind of educational army.

S. and I split the cost of $88US in chewable vitamins. The children’s food supply isn’t very balanced or nutritious, and their vitamins had run out. Many of the younger children look smaller and younger than their age would justify.

Last night, S. wished that Dr. Dre would come back. And I responded that he had come back, what with Eminem and his own album and all that. And S. said that while not everyone “had forgot about Dre,” he hadn’t been in the limelight recently as he’d been behind the scenes producing. I simply said word. And then S. wondered if Dr. Dre was sitting at his house in Compton that very moment thinking that there are two mid-twenties white guys at an orphanage in Cambodia sitting on the roof and wishing he’d release some new music.


June 15th, 2005. Categories / Cambodia

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