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Rained in all yesterday by a steady and beady rain. The frogs came out croaking in full force. The power flickered off briefly. I went slipping and sliding on the tile sidewalk.

The frogs are croaking now.

Today I got a phone as it is fairly necessary for maintaining friendships and making new ones. And once I start looking for work it will pay for itself quickly. There are two routes to getting cell phones over here. One is what we are used to in America, you sign a contract and pay for a new phone or get one at discount as part of the deal. The more common method, and the cheaper one, is buying used cell phones from market vendors and having them install the SIM card of the service provider, instantly activating the account and sending you on your way. The service is paid for my buying a phonecard monthly, entering a code, then discarding the card. For me, this worked out to $40 bucks for the phone and about $7.5 a month for service. Not too shabby. Now I just need someone to call…

S. and I took our second trip to the boondocks to look at furniture that a talkative and friendly Christian lady is getting rid of. But it is too big to get back here through any reasonable means.

At lunch, we ran into someone that has a fatal attraction to me. She seemed normal enough except for that she had lost control of an ATV two days ago and almost flew off a cliff into a creek. Apparently, the ATV was teetering on the edge when they found her.

And she seems to be fascinated by me after just one meeting where I couldn’t even understand her.


Tonight is another meeting at the bar after having someone over for dinner. Our kitchen was just cleaned today by us and still looks like a mess. The floor has a few areas of PermaDIRT, in the same style as my bathroom’s PermaRUST.

Welcome FONY to my family of tools. FONY, say hi to PILLY and SLICER.

This is an overview of my Thai education method.

July 15th, 2005. Categories / Chiang Mai, Thailand

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