An October of Few Photos But Exciting Dordles News

Sorry lonely reader for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been finishing up a mixed bag of commercials in LA since Prague, and I haven’t been taking as many photos as I’d like.

So while I’ve been wearing flip-flops, staying in lonely and expensive hotels, and sitting in rooms all day looking at the same videos over and over, I have had some fun in between.


  • Singing along to The Little Mermaid with a theater full of adults, hipsters, and children at the Castro Theater.
  • Getting to visit with friends and my sister in LA. And in the same weekend having J come down for fun meals, ultimate frisbee, and a trip down college memory lane.
  • Getting a punctured scooter tire.
  • Test riding what will hopefully be my new bike.

Road destroying wheels.

Tufted log.

Artificial nature.

Singing along at the Castro.

The ornate ceiling.


Double entendre?

An LA stray.

Overlooking Pasadena from my old nourishing mother.

Wild Guinea pig watching us play ultimate frisbee.

Urban bananas.

A useless pole.

Historic retaining wall.

Gimped California raisin foot.

Convertible maker.

Enormous tuna.

The storyteller.

God watches over Catan.

Citrus bowl at Bun Mee.

I’ve also been putting a lot of energy into what I hope will be an exciting and fruitful Dordles project on Kickstarter. Full details are coming soon, but until then here’s a tease:

A sample of exciting Dordle things to come.

I have a plan. I have the video shot. Now I just need to finish the video and get everything online. Fingers crossed.

October 9th, 2011. Categories / Los Angeles, San Francisco

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