Bologna and Buildings

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

A new song about lunch meat: Bologna.mp3

Thursday and Friday involved a quick trip to LA to supervise the construction and filming of a miniature group of buildings. They were constructed by Screen Novelties, the same group responsible for the lion’s share of the stop motion on the Comedy Central show Robot Chicken. The shoot was quick and easy, with more people and food than necessary. Thursday night I was reunited with C., M., JK. and MK. for Ramen and Catan. I’d hadn’t many of them in quite a while, so it was nice to at least try to catch up. If I’d ever talk to people on the phone, maybe I could stay abreast of what’s on everyone’s chests without visits like these. Until then, we will have to let it linger. We will have to let it linger.

The office park in all it’s glory.


Behind the studio.


JK. and MK.

Dog and M.

Dog and I.

The trip home was nerve wracking due to a downpour that flooded the streets and slowed the highways to a crawl. Our producer was driving while on the phone, leading to some annoying and predictable short stops. If ever I get in a crash in this situation, I will take said phone and stomp it on the ground. The flight was delayed about an hour due to a connecting flight from Mexico. During the delay, a nervous little man in fatigues was talking to various people on a wide range of subjects from nutrition, to his childhood, to the bible. The man sitting next to me was a little tweaked too and mildly annoyed because he had to wake up early to get to a convention. He looked like Seth MacFarlane, only older.

I’m getting sick of planes, unless they are small and remote controlled.

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