Friends Visit Portland, Time Running Out

This weekend J.K. and M. visited us in Portland. I was excited about playing ball games (including xTreme™ Sokker and Power b’Ballz) outside, but the weather got wet again on the evening of their arrival day. Without balls, the visit was relaxing and mellow.

On Saturday, we went to a friend’s house to watch the first game of the Stanley Cup and see his three day old baby. The baby was small and well mannered. When our plan to order 24 tacos fell through, we got pizza for dinner.

On Sunday, we made blueberry pancakes with rhubarb topping for breakfast and prepared for a long going-away party J. hosted at her apartment. After the guests cleared, we broke out Catan for a 3 hour game of Cities and Knights. Playing on an expanded board with 5 people was dramatically more fun and unpredictable than when just J. and I play.

The following day was spent raping my childhood memories of Indiana Jones while watching its new sequel. I wasn’t expecting much, and the first half was corny but okay, but the end just swirled into a vortex of eye candy, unnecessary revelations, and sappy dialogue. Oh well, better luck next time Lucasfilm.

Today everyone met for breakfast at the Tin Shed on Alberta. The meal was large and sconey. Afterward, there was time for a little walk before the others took off to visit some work friends and head home.

After both C. and J.K. and M. left Portland for LA, I was left with one consistent friend. With J. around, the absence of a well-wishers group is less noticed. But like genital warts and boomerangs, it’s only once they come back that you realize how much you miss them. It was a good visit.

I didn’t take many photos, but here are a few:

This is what happens when you knock over a french press.

The visitors outside the Tin Shed.

Walking down a grassy alley after breakfast.

We disobeyed.

Ladybug on flower.

Gas meters.

Two birds eating chicken on the street.

J. and I leave Portland in about three days. I’m getting excited and nervous. This afternoon, we secured a nearby storage space for seven months. Tomorrow and Thursday will be spent packing, and on Friday all of our belongings will be crammed into a 5’x10′ room. Now that the day is upon me, it feels like it came out of nowhere.

May 27th, 2008. Categories / Portland

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