My First iPhone App Skin

When I went on my Thai vacation, I didn’t expect to voluntarily re-skin an iPhone Othello game. But then again, I hadn’t expected to play Othello either.

When the iTunes App Store went live, I scoured it for all the decent free games I could find. One of which was Thomas Aylesworth’s awesome free iPhone app Morocco. Functionally, everything was perfect with the first version: you could play versus player or AI, the AI was smart, the app loaded fast and played fast. I re-skinned the app and sent the results to the devloper. He got very excited, making me excited. The re-skinned Morocco now has visuals equal in polish to the code. Improvements were made to turn indication, capture animation, and recent move hi-lighting. Improvements were not made in me winning, however.

It is very exciting to see my handiwork on a gadget. Two hobbyists can get together across continents and work on a game, just for fun.

Download Morocco Othello free from iTunes

August 12th, 2008. Categories / Projects

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