Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Pixar’s Ratatouille is a masterpiece. Beyond the gorgeous and nuanced animation is a touching story about identity and dreams. It’s sophisticated enough to be an adult movie, but childlike enough in its exploration to appeal to everyone. The movie rolls through the full register of emotions. Characters are stylized, but ultimately real because the inhabit a real feeling world. It’s a world with sadness and joy, fear and confidence, jealousy, greed, and hope, a world to be discovered. Unlike many other movies, Ratatouille succeeds in elevating culture by subtly making the viewer care about friends and family, cooking and good food, French culture, animals, and above all being a creative individual. How it does this without preaching is its greatest charm. Comparing this to a franchise like Shrek is like putting a Jackson Pollock next to a wall splattered with vomit. The technique is similar, but the results speak volumes about the respect the creator has for his audience.

No doubt this movie will be a success, but please see it. We need more mass movies to strive to greater than being just a product.

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