Goodbye 2011 Adventures; Hello 2012 Adventures

I lead a lucky, fortunate life that so far has been without many struggles, fear or frustrations beyond the petty issues of the first world.

It’s easy to forget this.

Last year was no exception, though it did have exceptionally positive events like getting married to my one true, human love and taking two international trips.

Much like the year before, a lot of the Bay Area was explored by scooter, car share, and foot until I sprung on a fancy, easily ruinable new bike.

Creatively, I produced a few ads at work and launched a successful Kickstarter for my Dordles.

January: San Francisco

The year started off with a month of freedom to volunteer outside and feel lost, confused and often depressed. I started freelancing again, but it was a hit or miss affair. I might have learned that I wasn’t the right type of personality for it, though I did enjoy the freedom. My desire for geocaching began to wane.

Argonne Community Garden in the Richmond is home to geocache I hid.

Tools of the trade for volunteering at Pie Ranch.

Enjoying nearby scenery, like the irises at Lands End.

February: San Francisco, Marin

Between more hikes, I started a longer term freelance project than ended up with a full time offer at a small agency downtown.

Bobcat spotting on the Tennessee Valley Trail.

Visiting a carnivorous plant nursery in Marin.

Watching gophers in Golden Gate Park.

March: San Francisco, East Bay

More walks to remember and exploration the East Bay via scary bridge crossing scooter rides.

All alone on Angel Island.

Walking around Lake Merritt in Oakland.

April: San Francisco, Marin

Back to working full time, I splurged on a Canon 5d MKII. Only time will tell if it was worth it.

A group of show offs standing around bikes for some reason in the Marina. Perineum crunching on bike seats club?

Rough waters sea kayaking in Tamales Bay.

Spotting a whale INSIDE the Golden Gate.

Testing my expensive new camera on wild turkeys.

May: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas

A month of getting the hang of my full frame camera in town, for a quick work shoot in LA, and a friend’s wedding back home.

In Dallas for a wedding between two high school sweethearts.

Shooting an ad being shot in LA.

External combustion engine at Maker Faire.

June: San Francisco, Oaxaca, East Bay

I was married to the girl with blue eyes. Enjoyed the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Camping with the Presidio buddies at Rob Hill Campground.

Growing tomatoes indoors.

Picking cherries in Brentwood.

Exploring Mexican ruins…

…and a colorful town on a wonderful honeymoon.

Making Oaxacan food.

July: San Francisco, London, Prague

Back from the honeymoon, a massive ad project went into production and I flew to London and Prague for 5 weeks of rain, walking, and being trapped on sound stages.

Taking a trip back to Angel Island.

Wandering around a lonely and industrial London between casting sessions.

Arriving in a lonely and wet Prague.

August: Prague, San Francisco

Still in Prague, I was overjoyed that J was able to come out and visit for a long weekend.

Discovering Prague’s Dark Carnival.

Overjoyed for J to interrupt the endless shoot, if even for a weekend.

Finishing up the epic shoot inside and old Communist era hotel.

September: Big Sur, East Bay

In LA for editing and post for most of the month with no posts to show for it.

These fisherman are totally temping fate over the maelstrom in Big Sur.

Into the woods on the Redwood Valley Railroad in Tilden Park.

October: Los Angeles, San Francisco

In LA seemingly every week, but launched a Dordle project on Kickstarter and bought a new bike.

Visiting friends and playing Catan while on production.

A sample of exciting Dordle things to come.

My sweet new bike.

The occident and the ornament of a wedding in the countryside.

November: San Francisco, Nashville

Walks and a trip to Nashville for Thanksgiving.

Taking a photo stroll to the Mission.

Midnight madness in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

December: San Francisco, Dallas

The Kickstarter overfunded and I started getting all the designs printed. Took a trip to Dallas for a family and cat-filled Christmas. Back in SF for a few days to relax, ride bikes with J, and ponder the mysteries of the coming year.

Half of the Dordle cards delivered and stacked.

Abandoned bank in Dallas.

Salton Sea-esque area in the marshland of the north.

2012 has started with a few unsettling moments.

On New Year’s Day, my father called about a parking ticket in Irvine for my beige Ford. Had I ever owned or rented a Ford this might have made sense, but in the current reality it did not.

Two days before heading back to work, an email announced that the office had been broken into and many of the computers were stolen.

This was confirmed on Tuesday morning. Both my work laptop and the unbacked up files on it was taken, along with nine fake security cameras I had meticulously masked and spray painted before the break.

For half a day we were in limbo while they dusted for prints. And I was without a computer until the following. The new computer slicker and even more steal-able. Considering the computer lock I had was useless before, I’m not even bothering to lock this one up.

Then, last night after biking home, I discover my scooter on its side. It had been hit by a car and knocked over. The impacted left was deeply dented and scratched to the metal. The brake lever had bent back like a wicked witch’s foot.

No note. No insurance coverage for such an accident. The brake repair is mandatory and relatively cheap. The body repair is not.

I tried to not let it get to me, but I was an insomniac that night. My mind drifted between different aspects of everything off-kilter. Around 4:30AM I drifted off to two hours of sleep to the smartphone glow of people complaining about Final Cut X on the Ars Technica forums.

I’m hopeful for this year, in need of a plan. I need to grow.

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