Goodbye 2010 Adventures, Hello 2011 Adventures

Compared to the year end recaps of 2008 and  2009, 2010 has been of minor adventures.

While most of the year was spent in San Francisco, I deluded myself into thinking I was in different countries. My neighborhood and Chinatown were like China. The Mission was like a hipster Mexico, the Tenderloin as a third world. J and I went on epic Thai style scooter adventures through some scenery that would rival that tropical paradise.

In the past three years I’ve worked the equivalent of two, which is actually a pretty good balance of work and play as long as I can swing it. The two-three week holiday that seems to be the American norm will never be acceptable to me.

It was hard to choose one photo to represent each place each month. This year has been a photo posting bonanza, with almost 2000  for San Francisco alone. I encourage you to browse through the archives to see them all. But that would take more patience than even I could muster.

Without further narcissistic introduction, here are some of the highlights.

January: Dallas, Austin, Galveston, Kauai

Searching for cool signage in Dallas.

Climbing on old Christmas trees in Austin.

Reliving childhood memories in hurricane torn Galveston.

Getting to share the epic beauty of rainy Kauai on a family trip.

February: San Francisco

The first exciting days of rediscovering this city by the bay.

And rediscovering nature in Marin.

March: San Francisco

Continuing to explore the city, including the concrete jungle downtown.

April: San Francisco, Montara

Exploring downtown during my freelance lunch breaks.

Staying the night at the youth hostel at Montara lighthouse.

May: San Francisco, Portland, Santa Cruz

The joy of acquiring a new Vespa GTS250.

Finally heading back to Portland to move stuff out of storage.

Enjoying the weird Santa Cruz boardwalk.

June: San Francisco

A sunny trip to the wine country before starting a full-time job.

July: San Francisco, Sequoia National Park

Enjoying a glimpse of downtown daylight commuting home from a hectic month of work.

Enjoying a sunny, bear-filled weekend with friends amongst giant Sequoias.

August: San Francisco

Spotting dolphins in Marin.

September: San Francisco

Scootering to a beach in Point Reyes.

October: San Francisco

Searching for urban parrots during a mother visit.

November: San Francisco, Santa Fe

Jumping on trampolines.

Exploring Santa Fe and Bandelier with family for Thanksgiving.

December: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nashville, Dallas

Continuing to restore native plants as a Presidio volunteer.

Taking a road trip with friends around the zombie wasteland that is The Salton Sea outside of Los Angeles.

Dreams of a white Christmas come true in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Reuniting with friends and family for acts of physical fitness.

I don’t know what to expect from 2011, but I know that I’ll no longer be a legally single man. In a convergence of love and law, this jokey bloke will be wed to Miss Lady Little Bazongas in a gull-infested oceanside ceremony.  

Throw a honeymoon in there, and it’s already the workings of an eventful year. 

December 30th, 2010. Categories / Year in Review

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