“Queen of Hearts” “Firefly”

Director Suthon Petchsuwan
Length :30
"Queen of Hearts" is the story of a woman stuck in an unsatisfying job. Unable to act on her own, her heart takes matters into its own ventricles and busts forth with gusto to take care of business. Though hard to notice, the huge lobster helped peg the boss as a bad boss. A placeholder heart made of foam with wire feet was used during shooting for the actors to reference. It was replaced with a CGI model made by the SFX firm The Mill.

"Firefly" is a reality check for sappy sentiments regarding career improvement. The protagonist takes a break from his sad basement job to wish for something better. From nowhere, an optimistic firefly appears to join him in a song about wishing. Of course wishing for change doesn't do jack if you don't actually take action. The real world chews up the dreamers. It's the chewers that get a head.

For the branding at the end, the animators of the show Robot Chicken built and destroyed a miniature office park. It took 6 takes, and six buildings to get right.