The Monster and R.

Mixed media on board

This piece is two panels that illustrate a dream I had. The dream is below if you need it.

My sister and I are assembling an executive chair to give to my father for his birthday. We finish, but then decide that it is going to be mine. I had found a stuffed animal, and I give it to my sister. Later that day, my sister calls me and says that the animal is growing, and I go into her room and look at a chair piled with her stuff animals. The gift is large and alive, monstrous in appearance, like one of the creatures from Where the Wildthings Are. It then gets loose and begins to roam free in the house on the verge of killing my family and destroying our house. The monster isn't completely violent, it can be guided to do things much like a toddler can by hinting to it. It will follow you along or basically do what you said. But when I looked in his eyes, I could see that there is a randomness to his thoughts, that his passive attitude could become destructive and murderous. It was big too, taller than me and wide. I am scared and I hint to get him out of the house. My sister leads him around our street to our neighbor's house across the creek. I am relieved but then I notice that all of these kids included my sister are running out of the house towards mine. They tell me that the monster killed their mother and that their father is trapped in the house. I look out the front window and in the distance I see severed female legs near the street. I call the police, but the conversation is awkward. First they ask if it is my address, and I say no, that it is happening across the street. The man asks if it is the Herandez house, and I tell him it is on the opposite side. I describe the emergency as a hostage situation, a half truth because it implies that a human is the hostage-taker. I knew he wouldn't even come if I said it was a monster, but I am incredibly nervous that the father could get killed and the monster leave before the police get there. Then I would be to blame for some reason. The operator takes my name saying it is to put on a music CD.

Concurrent (it seems) with the events in the monster dream, was a dream about R. Her mother was over at my house one evening talking with my parent's in the living room. R and I were in my room making out in weird positions. I get prejaculatory fluid on her and she freaks out. She says that we should stop, meaning not go any farther. I am disappointed because I want to. Then it seems like she leaves the room and I sit in my bed kind of sad. It is raining outside. After a while, I look out my bedroom window down to the parking lot and see that she is sitting in her car and is sad. I realize that I should have followed after he, but I didn't because I thought she was leaving with her mom. I feel really sad and guilty. The setting shifts to a drug store and I am wandering down the clean aisles looking for toothpaste. I find some that looks like a green disk of soap, and I go to the store bathroom to brush my teeth. I then walk to find R sleeping on my futon mattress in one of the aisles.

My father and I are on a fairly long flat boat. The deck is smooth and flat, and it has one rail near the front. My father is in the back, paddling. I am in the front, fearing that I will slip into the water, and also wishing that I could paddle. All I have to do is look at the scenery and pull on some strings that unreliably turn the craft. We are traveling down a narrow channel cut into rolling fields of wheat and yellow grass. The sky is clear and clean. There is always a highway to our right, but sometimes it splits to straddle the channel. To our left, we discover a small embedded track that a bench can travel along. Two kids sitting on the moving bench pass the other way. Occasionally, there are people that have stopped at the side of the highway to look at us. I feel both happy and awkward. Later, my father wants to stop at a gas station restaurant. I groan because I am having fun, and it didn't seem necessary. I want to wait until we find a better place. But we go in, and it is a bed and breakfast atmosphere and everyone is eating brunch. We sit and are giving drinks and my father says "well, now how do way avoid paying $22 for brunch?" We couldn't leave because we had the drinks already. My father asks a waitress for a menu and we are moved into the back room where the poor people were supposed to eat. The rest of my family and some of the neighbors from earlier are there sitting on benches.