A Week at Pawleys Island, South Carolina

August 3rd, 2014: N. America

Recently, J and I went to Pawleys Island, SC for a week of relaxing in a rental house with her family.

Our flights went to and from Atlanta, which was a six hour drive away.

The house was the perfect size for our party of twelve. The weather was hot and humid, but mostly rainless.

Most of the break involved a lot of hammock lounging, paddle boarding, canoeing, boogie boarding, sand castle making, eating, playing cards, building with Lego, and visiting.

I took a break from photos too, as my lens clouded up every time I went between inside and outside. Plus, I didn’t want to get sand all over the camera or dunk it in salt water.

Hammock detail.

Our rental paddle boards.

The micro-crab hangout leading to our private dock.

Ma’am’s gams.

Approaching the Atlantic Ocean.

Clear salt water.

A parade to inspect the crab traps.

J on the canoe.

Estuary grass.

Power emblem.

J and the little paddlers.

Old boat house.

Discarded shells.

A massive shrimp boil dinner.

The aftermath at sunset.

Daughter and mother.

Storm chaser.

White sand, green runners.

Ghostbusters 3.

Multiple layers of epic fast-moving, swirling clouds.



A sunset to inspire a classical painting.

Sunset boat.


Sky and grass.


Chasing K out to the ocean.

The protected water at the edge of the ocean.

Docking complete.

Us and our canoe.

Toadfish and crab.

The wheel of Myrtle Beach.

What is this, the tropics?

The master of skee.


Open for business?

Classy and crass.

The colorful mini golfers.

The agony of defeat.

Me and my new love: paddle boarding.

I look fabulous!


The creeper van of ATL.


The right side of the tracks.

Reunited for a good porch sit.

We spent the night in Atlanta before flying back, and had time to visit two of J’s old friends and get nice and sweaty before our flight.

I definitely want to go back to South Carolina. There was a lot of weird scenery and abandonment that I didn’t get to explore as a passenger, and is a treat to have ocean water warm enough to play in without a wet suit.

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