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About Nik Daum’s Almost Decent Songs

In what will no doubt be a long and complicated and dischordant process, I’m learning to sing and play instruments. Primarily, it will be the guitar, but I’m also working on piano and harmonica. My singing sucks. I live in a thin walled apartment and I don’t get to practice in an unconstrained manner. I’m not posting these because they have profound lyrics or are skilled musically, but they are a record of my progress and will improve over time. Bear with me & thanks for listening. All files are in .mp3 format.

My poly heart isn’t for you. Features a horrible harmonica jam.
A song about going overseas.
A song about a lunch meat.
Dance For Me
A guy has sung himself hoarse over fond memories. The drums are me playing a roll of papertowls and the desk with paint brushes.
A song about how easy birds have it.
A song about love, adventure, and fish sauce.
The Simple Vaquero
I set out on a quest to see if I could butcher lyrics, music and the Spanish language. Quest fulfilled.
Falling in love is like falling into a hole, if you know what I mean.
My first legitimate love song, although with a few humorous twists. Dedicated to J.
The Computer
Made up on the spot, this delightful song is about a man and his computer.
Mother Dance
A sad poem put to music.
Snow Falling on Stumps
Dreams and coming home.
I’ll Be
A love song of sorts, but more about servitude.
La Muchacha Con Un Arma Mas PequeÑo
My first song sung in another language. I am no master of spanish though. This song is about a man who goes to the village market to buy onions for his mother’s grave and to make dinner. He sees a woman with a small gun and falls in love when she shoots him in the heart.
Maple Tree
Love in a foreign land.
Kissing someone is like sucking a long tube with shit at the other end.
Inspired by the adventures of a friend.
Garbage Dump
Hoping for something more than friendship. Done in a bored hour in Seattle.
Happy Dead
Upbeat song about how love is like being a chicken with its head cut off.
A country song about a man & his horse, inspired by my father’s ”Get out of Dodge!” expression.
Behind Me
Twangy and about hopeless love.
Features the channeled voice of a horny Louis Armstrong (or Muppet).
Husky loneliness in a new city. This song kind of sucks, rhythm and singing-wise.
Bminor Jam
Testing out the new electric guitar, especially my lame soloing ability.
Shrinkwrap 1
An unused ad jingle for how things are better in shirnkwrap.
Shrinkwrap 2
An alternate version of the skrinkwrap jingle.
A lovely song for a lady, any lady. Improvised with Chris A. on drums.