Photoshop/Illustrator/Copywriting, coded by Domani Studios

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With the re-branding of Old Spice as the deodorant for experienced men, this mini site was conceived as a way of measuring experience. Tests by nature are not fun, so we tried to create a test that tried it's best be real and simple. Although the site was coded in Flash, we didn't want it to be flashy. We didn't want to bog the experience down with video or unnecessary transitions, nor did we want to reference manhood cliches. The copywriter and I developed a pool of over 80 questions that covered all sorts of manly wisdom and skill in the areas of geography, romance, mechanics, food, language, science, games, war, and more. Each question tried to be insightful and challenging, and hopefully a little funny.

The site is broken into two areas, one for testing, the other for training. The questions are answered by an either/or visual choice. The test is randomized in order, with the addition of time trial questions that are a fast paced change of pace. After the taker answers a question, he can click on the buoy bottle to see a detailed explanation of the right answer. At the end of 50 questions, the taker's results are processed on an old school mainframe and displayed on an excessively funny and wordy six page document. To the elite few who nailed a 100% score, we sent them a packet containing their printed results and other artifacts from the long journey around the world's Procter and Gamble offices.

Experience is a hard quality to test, but this does it?

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.