The Wedding and the Kayak

This weekend I went to a wedding in the suburbs at a campground-feeling facility called the Jenkins Estate. The ceremony was short and sweet; the reception was full of friendly people, half of which were J.’s family. Some photos:

View from the ceremony on the top of the hill.

Sir Reverend Creepybottom

Here comes the…

J.’s heels sunk easily into the wet earth.

J. and I.

Today I went kayaking around Ross Island. The boats were expensive, sporty models: long, lightweight and very tippy. Some photos:

The kayaking route.

Tranquil moment on the open water.


Sewer pipe with small flow of water and ungodly stench.

The rusty, still used gravel sorting facility on Ross Island.

View of downtown from the water.

Oops. Now you know why they put up clearance signs.

Parking garage with the yellow paint ending at eye level.

Also, blackberries are becoming ripe all over town!

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Jon Klassen:

man, they got Creepybottom?? he’s booked solid into next spring from what i hear.

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