I’m Published! Plus, Saturday in the Sun.

August 26th, 2007. Categories / Dordles, Portland

My Dordles made it into an Australian magazine called Empty! It isn’t distributed in America, but you can buy it online at Design is Kinky.

I’m very excited about this. Here are a few photos:

In other news, this Saturday was a long fun one. C. was in town and the “gang” and I spent the day eating breakfast, at Mt. Tabor Park watching an adult soap box derby, at a park by my house playing basketball and frisbee and basketball soccer, and capping it off with pungent Thai dinner at a restaurant called Pok Pok.

Days like Saturday are eventful enough that they feel like more than a day. Time slows down, finally, and moments are full of significance.

Some photos:

This car had three people dressed in gorilla suits.


This car was throwing tacos into the spectators as it rolled.

C. talking to M. on his cute pink phone.

Crazy Popemobile. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Back to the Future feeling car. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Crazy cubicle car. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

A marching drum band concluded the preliminaries and led everyone down the hill to a party.

The three primary colored studs playing physical games with a basketball on the grass.

Look at my professional grade form. Make Lebron look like LeLame.

Part of a delicious Thai dinner of roast game hen, various spicy salads, kao soi, curry prawns and some kind of lamb skewer. So damn good. I’m going to try making the shredded carrot salad in the foreground.


Jon Klassen:

there’s gotta be some sort of plan we can devise to make all saturdays feel like that saturday. you’d better call me on shredded carrot salad day.

chris Appelhans:

it’s impossible to comment before jon. good times were had, only musical synthegenius was missing…

Jon Klassen:

as super powers go, i probably could’ve picked a better one…


gotta love you for posting that awesome picture of yourself (photo after C on his pink phone).


It’s very accurate depiction these days.

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