September 21st, 2007. Categories / Portland

J. made me two snazzy brown and magenta pouches for my new iPod Touch. The foldy one is for the cord, and the slim one is for the device itself. Now I can dork out in style. At the park, coffee shop, or wifi hotspot outside someone’s house, the jealous person will ask: “hey, where’d you get that sweet-ass pouch for your ‘pod?” And I’d be so cool, I’d email them the answer FROM THE IPOD’S BUILT IN WEB BROWSER because there is no DEDICATED MAIL.APP! Then they’d be really jealous.



mother of sweet!


those ipouches are super classy


youre pretty much blowing it by not getting the iphone. or you can wait until january and get the one with GPS…



The iPhone is too expensive for me for how little I talk on the phone.


you can get a refufb for $350 from the apple store, dont activate it and you can still use the email, google maps, etc… the ipod is a crippled iphone

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