Portland Swifts

September 16th, 2007. Categories / Portland

Yesterday J, V, and I went to a park near my house to watch birds. The birds were of the Vaux’s Swift variety. Every year during their southern migration thousands of them stop to rest inside a decommissioned smoke stack at Champman Elementary School.

The whole community was out that evening. People of all ages were sitting on blankets in the chilly night air and kids were sliding down the dried grass hill on pieces of cardboard. In the background were the sounds of firefighters playing tennis and families playing soccer.

People looked up in amazement. When a falcon tried to catch an easy meal, they oohed and aaahed as if at a melodrama. J. got pooped on. It was a wonderful time.

Some photos and a video:

A video of the birds swirly above the chimney.

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