A Long Walk From the Farmer’s Market to Twin Peaks

Saturday: a wonderful day for a walk all over town. Here are a few photos, all of which can be viewed larger by clicking on them.

A gate guarded by Buddha.

The entrance to the Hearst Building.

Older building made of brick.

The narrow, but tall Hobart Building.

Homeless woman. Note: both D. and J. have raised doubts to this claim based on her electric wheelchair.

Three buildings, many lines.

A southwestern colored F-Line streetcar.


The Ferry Building.

Family eating on the observation floor of the ferry platform.

Fresh strawberries.

A sad looking car patched with duct tape and with a truck mirror.


Flapjacks and grease.

Blue Bottle Coffee drip-brewing coffees.

A wonderful row of kettle drummers.


The pebble-embedded tracks of the Embarcadero.


A flowering cliff.

Old grey cadillac on Telegraph Hill.


Cracked car window.

Horse ties in North Beach.


Larry David?

Ascending the flower-coated hills to Twin Peaks.

A trail and a tower.



Father and daughter looking at stuff.

The hill from last weekend.

Looking down Market Street from Twin Peaks.

A car ad.

This snake had suffered two horrible bird bites on its tail. I don’t think it will make it.

Lady and dogs.

Pigeon business. Boom-pigeon-wah-wah!


A neighborhood so fancy even the driveways are carpeted.

Colorful house in need of a fresh coat of paint.

Stairs on the sidewalk.

Catching a train in Delores Park to take us partway home.

End of file.


a) i like the blog design update. well done.
b) homeless people have electric wheelchairs? where does she charge it? san francisco continues to impress me.
c) i much prefer the embiggened images, but also want to read the captions, so i end up going thru them all twice. not the worst thing in the world obviously. but perhaps there’s a way to add the captions to the big versions? of course, then i’d miss any in-line non-caption text. hmm. it’s a quandary.


c) Good points, Daniel. I’ve thought about that too. If I have captions, I have to have double captions. One for the inline images, and the other for the lightbox. That adds extra work for me. Plus, I want people to read the main blog copy.

I’d consider having larger images overall, but I’d rather have more images and smaller than fewer and larger. I couldn’t do posts with 70 1000px images. That could crash everyone’s browser.

It’s a quandary all right.

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March 27th, 2010. Categories / San Francisco

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