Sun Breaks Fully Upon the Weekend

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

After four days of steady, dreary rain, the sun finally broke through this Sunday. And it didn’t half ass it either. As the air warmed, the sky blued, and the flowers bloomed a little wider. Everyone spilled out of the high rise condos into the sun like slimy butterflies from cocoons. J. drove 6 hours from Portland to visit, just in time to see Vancouver at its best: Great restaurants of the ethnic type, beautiful Stanley Park, downtown and its surroundings.

The landscape is tied with the food in terms of winning my highest esteem. I’ve eaten the best Indian, Japanese, and Vietnamese food all in the last few days. I could eat quality Asian food for every meal and not run out of restaurants, hyperbole aside. I’m not talking high-end cuisine either, but rather high quality, authentic food at reasonable prices. And so far this city has been kind.

A few photos:

Casting earlier in the week.

A group of futures waiting to be made or broken based on the whims of the few.

My audition for America’s Last Top Model.

The gates to a vibrant and functional Chinatown.

Breakfast of tea and various steamed bun and egg/pork at a chinese bakery.

Seaplane on Coal Harbor.


J.O. standing at low tide on the shore of Stanley Park.

One of many caches of starfish at Stanley Park.

The view toward the sound from Prospect Point.

Derelict skeleton of an old dry dock in North Vancouver. This was one of four amazing old dry docks that are set to be destroyed to make room for more of the same, soulless high-rises that fill the city.

Blooming tree.

Me sitting on some rocks along the seawall at Stanley Park.

Duck, duck, swan.

Finally a sunset worthy of a photo. As seen from my hotel window.

The town at night viewed from the south.

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