Dordle Kickstarter Funded & Other Things

My Dordle Kickstarter funded a week ago. Two-hundred fifteen backers, $3,926 raised. Due to $1,400 overfunding, I’m able to print 15 more designs than I initially planned for a total of 45 designs, 250 cards each. That’s 11,250 cards total!

Twenty-five of the designs have already printed and are piled up in the hallway. The printing was perfect except for a few rough cuts on a small amount of the cards. The remaining 20 designs will be sent to the printer over the Christmas holiday so I can get them in early January. Then J and I will begin the laborious process of addressing and mailing everything out. Plus, I still need to draw the 10 custom Dordles.

Dordles: 250 cards per box, 6,250 total.

25 of the 45 designs. Awesome, I do say so myself.

A Dordle typeface I’m working on.

Aside from making so many of my Dordles tangible, I also had fun making the introductory and thank you videos for the project. If you haven’t seen them, check them out at Dordle Kickstarter. Do these videos barely justify having a 5D? Only my bank knows for sure.

Here are a few more recent photos. Unfortunately I haven’t been in a photo taking mood due to the pressures of work, this Kickstarter, and playing Left 4 Dead 2. I hope to kick into gear again in Dallas, and make 2012 both the year of Dordles and photography.

The last tomato harvest before the plants were dismembered and body bagged.

One of the few remaining industrials piers in San Francisco.

Skylights and dead pigeons.

Home made cinnamon rolls. Not very sweet. Not very sticky. Not very bad.

J practices riding Big Blue near the big top.

What a load of ships.

Sunday breakfast terminus with a view, thermos of coffee, and two scones.

Ideal conditions for a mushroom invasion.

Above and below.

The seemingly abandoned stables of Golden Gate Park’s polo field. Caution: ghost horses may bite.


The 1% grass.


Rosemary with a scooter view.

Looking forward to Dallas for the holidays.

Until next time, Dordles awaaaaaaay!

December 19th, 2011. Categories / Dordles, San Francisco

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