I’m almost there

Thursday, June 2nd, 2005

Sitting in the Taipei airport, I wait for the last leg of my flight to Bangkok. Hopefully S will be there to pick me up. As expected and despite a small dose of a sedative, I wasn’t able to sleep soundly on the plane. But this granted me the pleasure of laughing at the cutest little set of kids. Like a mix of kittens, baby deer, and sad clowns they kept climbing up their mother’s back to look over the seat and wave. They always won the staring contests. The lady looked Vietnamese, though they seemed to be a blend of that and white. The rest of the flight involved bubbling with rage over the in flight movie (“The Wedding Date”), daydreaming to music, and stepping over the man that slept next to me for two pee breaks.

Did you know that at this airport hot tea and two muffins costs $6US? I’m looking forward to 50 cent soups.

Onward to Thailand!

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