Chiang Mai Flood’s a Comin’

There is a buzz in the air, a flood buzz that is. The section of town closest to the river is bracing for another overflow. I went over to help sandbag the entrance to a friends house that is just across the street from the river. We were a little low in sand, so we went to a lot where dump trucks where distributing sand so that people could fill their bags. The affected community was there, shoveling sand and talking and working earnestly. It was an amazing atmosphere that I didn’t think to bring my camera for. Riding in the back of a covered truck with plastic windows rustling and shovels clanking made me feel like part of some mini relief task force.

Here is a photo of our handiwork:

I also added to new images to my Meatland page. Here they are:

Driving the courtesy van while grocery shopping in the megamart.

Wider view of shoppers in the megamart.

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