I’m Employed!*

I am now fully employed!* Many things will change from this moment on, especially in finances. Whereas last year I lived for 9 months on savings (by choice!), this year will be an entirely gainful. But world traveling has shifted my priorities somewhat, making necessary a redistribution of capital. This is how work year 2005/6 will compare to work year 2004/5:

The trends are cost reductions across the board, while saving at least $1000 to send back to Cambodia. It will go a lot farther for them than it ever could for me.

ALSO: The architect who remodeled my employer’s building must have channeled M.C. Escher. I have yet to walk on the upside down stairs though:

ALSO: I fixed the .rss syndication for this blog you can subscribe if you want.

*Unknown tone.

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