Changes to the site are coming soon. I am getting sick of the old design, and the code is stuck the old school days of tables and spacer images. Not only are the pages slow to load, but they are also poorly designed for getting indexed on search engines.

For example, here is the before and after of the menubar code:

The code is changed from insane Javascript and images to elegant .CSS while still providing rollover functions and graceful downgrading to incompatible browsers.

However, Internet Explorer is a complete dick when it comes to rendering .css. So you either have to make a choice to hack and work around its quirks or chose to have bad rendering bugs for all of your IE users. My menu bar still works but has a weird white gap on the right side when it should be centered and scaling to 100% of the parent block. In IE for mac, which luckily no one uses anymore, the gap goes away but other parts of the page break. In Opera, the menu bar works fine but the containing block is fucked. It is all such bullshit.

A preview of what is coming can be found on the designs of this page, my new Sad Poems page and the Almost Decent Songs.

My goals for my Sad Poems are to get a second volume out this year, along with a companion CD of equally bad songs inspired by the poems. My inspiration for the CD is the band The Frogs. Eventually, I want it to be a treasure trove of narcissistic and pretentious sucky poetry and music.

Also: I’m growing a beard. It currently feel weird and warm, like some kind of goo is smeared on my face…in a bad way.

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i am a strong opponent of the beard.

but do what you gotta do…

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February 28th, 2006. Categories / Portland

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