A Serious Drawing of Steve Prefontaine

Trying to flex my pop culture references and muscle drawing. This dordle is based on a quote by some runner no one knows about. This guy, Steve Prefontaine, is so dreamy with that mustache. Run Pre, run! Get away from those damn snakes!



this is rude and incosiderate. you changed his quote and are in a sense making fun of him. it is offensive and you need to think before you make things like this.




calm down…you cant be offended. its actually funny.


Prefontain was like the best runner ever so if you want to say stuff about him talk to yourself in your room or something. just dont write it on the internet for people who love Prefontain to see.


You’re not man enough to even make fun of the best runner we have ever had. Until you set 19 american high school track records, you should not try to make fun of Prefontaine aka “Legend”


I have to say, I’m a huge Pre fan…however…this is very clever. The Snakes on a Plane movie sucked, but I would definitely see this if it were real! (haha) Prefontaine is a legend, but obviously whoever made this was not trying to offend runners who look up to Pre for inspiration. Its just comedy people…chill out. So kudos to whoever made this. Its funny. :]


this is funny what are you guys talking about, i idolize pre as much as the next guy, but come on its a freaking joke!!! its doesnt have any bad intent, so if you have a problem with it, then you apparently dont have any friends and take things too seriously, and think if you said the real quote originally and someone made this about you, wouldnt you find it funny? and considering the kind of guy pre was, he would have. so why dont you go find someone who cares and complain about it to them! this was meant as a joke, and should be taken as a joke, not an attack on pre!


This is a great piece of work! I’m a runner and love seeing my sport in art form plus this is particularly humorous! o yes and Go Pre..urrh, get away from those snakes!


not cool man… really rude. I LOVE PRE


What’s “rude” is getting chased by snakes!


I am a huge Prefontaine fan. I have his quotes memorized and I have his posters in my room. I think this is very funny, and a good spoof of a terrible movie:) It is very creative and I don’t get the sense that this was some kind of attack on Pre or anything like that. I like it.

I think this is hilarious! I’m not offended at all, nothing can stop Pre. Not even snakes.


Im a huge Pre fan..seen every movie on his life and have the 1972 Munich Olympic 5,000 meter run memorized from the gun to Viren breaking the string…and I gotta this is relativly disrespectful. Pre was an American great and this is just wrong


I’m an even huger Pre fan and I find this even more offensive!


this is making fun of the movie, not pre you cretins. hella funny. i think pre himself would have found this entertaining. it’s not like the poster is mocking his running skills by saying something along the lines of “pre could have lost a race to a snake”. please don’t reproduce so my children don’t have to live in a society with such blind fragility.

Tommy Hernandez:

Some runner no one knows about??
With a little bit of culture you would know hes a legend, with many hero-like qualities.
When he was young in the United States, he would get chased by Americans simply for having German ancestry. So who are the snakes now? And why are they chasing him? Not cool.

Samuel L. Jackson:

Enough is ENOUGH! I’ve had with you motha-uckas disrespecting my movies!!


Hold onto your butts!!!


It made me laugh. Nice one. Prefontaine is one of my heroes.


I love pre<3 Got a tattoo dedicated to him. Funny stuff and I'm not offended by the quote, I am however, offended that you said 'some runner that nobody knows about'. :p tons of people have heard of and respect Pre:D


Ya know, as someone who actually remembers seeing Pre run, I find your saying “a runner nobody know abour” to be a really jerk comment. The guys was phenomenal. So give credit to a special human being who happened also to be a regional hero. If you want to make a pop reference fine, but know what you are talking about. Don’t be a cretin. Sure pop references get used all the time but have the respect to know about the subject you use.

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