This New Year’s Eve was a broken tradition. Normally my core group of friends and I go outside of Dallas, rent a cabin, light a campfire, and celebrate. Due to one friend being out of the country and a confusing and unfortunate set of miscommunications, the plans were canceled. I ended up visiting with two old acquaintances from school in an apartment full of people I was disinterested in talking to. But all was not lost: three of the core group were able to get together for destruction and fire a day after the holiday.

A few photos since Massivechrist:

The rock climbing gym I went to with N. His year of experience was reflected in his Spiderman-like ease in climbing around walls. I had difficulty just gripping onto the rocks.

Me on one of the walls with N. on the ground.

N. bouldering.

The new year sparkles and fades.

Highschool chums.

N. doing a backflip on the old tramp.

Me doing a forward flip.

And again.

Treehouse with phone and electric lighting.

The unlucky pine shelf we destroyed by throwing bowling pins and horseshoes at it.

B. heaves a pin.

The shelf after a few minutes.

A keyboard tied to the shelf was surprisingly durable.

HISTORIC PHOTO: A similar even was held two years ago around the same time. Here N, B, and S throw pins simultaneously at a shopping cart.

HISTORIC PHOTO: I take a throw.

The scraps of wood were broken into smaller pieces and used to build a campfire in the empty lot next to my parent’s house. To make the fire pit, we hauled stones up from the creek on a thick board. The board became a solid bench. Who needs state parks when you live at the Dallas city limits? Not I, said I.

If two years ago was the “Year of Adventure” and last year was the “Year of No Adventure” than this coming year will be the “Year of Some Adventure.” While last year was no slouch, it’s a pustule on the vibrant face of 2005. And this blemish is due to pop.

This will be a good year.

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