Spring is in the air! So are dongz!

Spring is in the air in this rainy town. All over, nature is blossomin’ and bloomin’ into a vibrant wonderland. Yesterday the clouds broke to reveal a sweeping blue sky and mild temperatures. J. and I went on a short hike in Forest Park, and spent a lot of daylight outside at a yuppie sidewalk cafe and reading in a muddy park. I’m almost finished with the zarking big compilation of Hitchhiker’s Guide stories. A few pictures:

Notice how sun makes everyone fall in love? Even these two disparate fools.

In other exciting news, I worked swiftly on Saturday to throw together a new website from scratch. It’s a bit inspired by icanhascheezburger, but not of nearly the universal appeal. From the get go, I’m experimenting with different ad options.

Introducing http://www.lookzlikedongz.com, the daily source for anything that looks like dongs!

Heres a sample:

We’ll see where this goes.

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