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About half of FFFFound seems to be images like this.


ha. true enough. but a lot of those are still great, like this browser sniffer image, which is one of my favorites:

and there are plenty of other great posts too, like these, by my ladyfriend:


Well, I still stick by my image. I do like those IE6 messages, even if they seem a little harsh. You don’t fault someone for driving around in an older car or wearing used clothes or watching analogue TV, why should using an old browser be any different?

if upgrading from your old car/tv (which, i should note, didn’t work worth a damn) to a new one was free, i would definitely fault people for not doing so.

i mean, christ. IE6 hasn’t be “current” for 8 years at this point. why are its usage rates so high? it boggles the mind. it has never worked well or supported any standards, and yet it persists in large numbers. i don’t get it.

so as a person who has wasted countless hours trying to get even the most basic sites to work in that virus of a browser, i get joe’s back 100% on the sentiment. as for clothes clothes, i’d say they aren’t “technology” in the same way that tvs, cars, and software are. but if they aren’t, say, covering your naughty bits or keeping you warm (or whatever they are supposed to do) very well, and new clothes are available for free, yeah, again, i’d fault the dumbass for not taking the 5 minutes to download new clothes. i guess i’m just hateful.


Hehe. Well put Daniel. I hate IE6 too, just being the devil’s advocate. I’ve just given up caring what my site looks like in IE6. And I’ll install FF on any computer that has the old dirty bastard.

update! looks like maybe it’s in its death throws:

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