Various Moments on Kauai’s North Shore

For the first few days of our Kauai trip, we stayed in a weird, wonderful and wooden beach house across the street from the tip of Wainiha Beach Park sandbar. We arrived at night, missing the wonderful views along the 560. Every room in the three bedroom house had a view of the water. Unfortunately all three rooms were connected to each other instead of a hallway. We got on the same early to bed/rise sleeping schedule, crashing hard from the time change. But those who needed bathrooms could easily wake people up through noisy door slides and bowel tubas.

In the backyard were fruiting banana and papaya trees.

The North Shore was rainy my friends. Daily showers hampered activities, but there was still plenty of time to hike around and hang out on the beach. Hanalei Bay became a favorite destination for body boarding, sunbathing, buying groceries, meals, and shave ice.

On multiple drives, I tried to find where a massive guava orchard was. After plenty of searching in reality, an online search revealed that the place had shut down immediately after my last trip to the island in 2007. I shouldn’t have stolen all those guavas.

Here are a few random photos from the North Shore:

Kilauea Lighthouse.

Two of the thousands of wild chickens on Kauai.

Wailua Falls.

The pool of Wailua Falls.


The view out the living room of our rental house.

Our first day, J. and I constructed this shelter from driftwood during a rain storm. Problem: we built it backwards.

Drift pomelo.

Our rental house seen from the beach.

Mother on the beach.

Crossing a one-lane bridge.

J. in the large tree outside the house.

Waves crashing on Wainiha Beach Park.

Cowrie shell.

Waves splashing.

A car that had plummeted to the beach from the a turn near mile marker 6 in Wainiha.

Our first tired night we ate deluxe saimen (a Hawaiian version of ramen).


Open faced sandwiches and tacky upholstery.

Full 180° rainbow in Kapa’a.

Sunrise on ‘Anini Beach.

A random farm road on the way to Wailua Falls.

Jacob’s shack?

Tropical litter.

Wild cock.

Vines hanging above the Ha’ena Beach dry cave.

Ladies inside the cave.

Looking out.


J. and horizon.


Cone and pipe.

Nuts coating the ground.

Massive exposed roots at Ke’e Beach.

Sand becoming stone.

Trees at Ke’e Beach.

Garden spider.


A rival beach shelter.


Our backyard banana plant.

J. sunning in Hanalei Beach.

Me, body boarding in Hanalei Bay.


Lunch at the reasonably priced Panda’s Kitchen.

Shave ice with macadamia nut ice cream on bottom.

Looking over Hanalei Valley.

Historic Hanalei Bridge with taro fields in the distance.

Taro, taro everywhere and not a poi to drink.

Wild flowers.

Family walking on Hanalei Pier.

A little boy was fishing for small tropical fish.

Paddle boarding.

A shrimp.

The clear blue water of Hanalei Bay.

J. at sunset.

Me at sunset.

Fishing supplies.



A lone horse in the morning mist.

Grove of trees by the beach.

Pink oyster mushrooms for sale at a farmer’s market.



I had forgotten how much I liked fresh longan berries. They will always remind me of Thailand.

High contrast river ripples.

The Monday before our Thursday departure, we relocated to the south. That batch of drier photos is coming next.


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