A Single Morning to Stroll

While appreciative of how work has provided a source of money, socializing, and creative exercise, I find myself missing all the time I had to walk around and explore. This week in particular has been tough since I’ve had to work both days this weekend.

Luckily this Sunday morning J. and I had time to go for a walk around the uglier side of downtown’s Tenderloin, look at the iPad, and eat some lunch in the Castro before I headed in. The rain came soon after and fell steadily until my day was done. Then it poured, soaking me from the knees down and pelting the city with hail. The storm drains overflowed, spewing water through manhole covers and random vents on the sidewalk.

Here are a few photos, all of which can be viewed larger by clicking on them.


Satan’s apartment.

Sleeping on the sidewalk.

Blue luxury car and enormous door.

The gilded dome of City Hall.

Clothes on a fence.


City Hall.

Ugly highrise.



YMCA in the Tenderloin.

Old building.

Old 7-Up ad.

Trailer on a roof.

Original Joe’s.

J Dog.

Sports bar.

Looking down from Geary.

J. in a back alley with a hobo singing while rooting through garbage.

Owl mosaic.

Mushroom vents.

Large mural on the back of the Metropolis Hotel.

Maxferd’s Loans on Market.

Hobo sleeping (or dead?) on sidewalk; man in light blue suit.


More mushroom vents, this time of a blue variety.

Subway vents on Market St.

Time for a few hours rest.

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