Midweek Moments

A few moments from midweek:

Wind knocked over garbage bins.

Pink building.

Purple building.

A messy room.

Beware of dog.

Woman in a colorful coat.

Cones marking a random area on the sidewalk behind a grocery store.

The green door of Pier 48.

View of the city from Potrero Hill.

A rusted Mustang.

Creepy abandoned house.

Another creepy house nearby.

A weird grassy park in Potrero Hill. Looks like Capetown to me.

The Pacific.

Kitchen Catan.

Avocado pits.

Abandoned Albertsons on Clement.


Old window frame.

Funny graffiti.

Four unit building.

Yellow car, green couch, brown trim.


Park View Apartments sign.

I have a bad feeling about these apartments.

Hang glider landing/launch strip at Fort Funston.

The view south from Ft. Funston. The rock, Mussel Rock, jutting out in the distance are where the San Andreas Fault leaves land and runs underwater.

Casting ponds at Golden Gate Park.

Trees at Lands End.

Walking down to the cliffs.

Numerous hawks used the updraft from the cliffs to hover and scout out prey. This one caught a mouse.

Here’s another one that caught another mouse. We sat and watched 5 different hawks successfully catch mice around us.

Ship leaving the bay with Coast Guard escort.

It’s hard to tell the scale, but this is a massive fog bank coming off the ocean and getting blown ashore.

Oops, gotta jet. It’s time for me to eat clam chowder in a bread bowl while riding a cable car and discussing liberal politics with gay people carrying iPhones.

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