Frisbee Golf and More

Time is swirling down the drain like water in a toilet bowl. There are few precious days before work begins again, and despite my best intentions I’ve been squandering large blocks of time in front of the computer. But now that I’m paying for internet, I might as well use it. The same logic applies to drinking buttermilk.

Memorial Day weekend was celebrated outdoors, mostly going on walks and humiliating myself on the nearby frisbee golf course. Additionally, feathers were kicked, balls were thrown into hoops, food made and consumed.

On Friday, J and I went on a walk along the cliffs in Lands End. This is one of my favorite places in the city, and I’m glad we live so close to it. After hiking on the trail, we stopped and rested on the remains of a gun mount from WWII-era defenses. I nearly took a nap to the sounds of the ocean and fog horn. A group of sail boats left the safety of the bay for what looked like a race.

The sign to Lands End in Lincoln Park.

Shaded trail.

Looking north to the Marin Headlands from Lands End.

The Golden Gate Bridge from a cliffside meadow.

Ships passing by the fog horn.

The Thinker in the arch of the Legion of Honor.

Brand new VW with a nice big scar.

On Saturday, V came over with two frisbees. Our destination was the Golden Gate Park Disc Golf Course, a well maintained and sprawling setup only three blocks from my apartment. I had never played before, and I was surprised to see how official the course was. Eighteen “holes” were spread out in the woods in a variety of interesting configurations. The holes were actually elevated baskets made from metal and chains. Groups of dudes were taking the game really seriously. They had their duffels with different types of frisbees. They talked about shots. They praised each other and groaned at their mis-throws between sips of beer.

V and I had one regular frisbee apiece. We were amateurs. Luckily, we shot around one over par for most of the holes. Not to bad for the first time.

Warning sign.

The course.

The fairway.

Course marker at the tee box.

A hole.

J searching for a lost disc.

A hole.

On Sunday, J and I woke to fresh cinnamon rolls we had made the night before. Then we played some frisbee golf. J did well for her first time; I did marginally better. For lunch: sandwiches at the packed picnicking area near the Warming Hut in Crissy Field.

Monday, cold fog and cloudy skies set in. But such weather was not enough to dampen the mood for basketball, feather kicking, Pixel Junk Monsters, Indian food, and the movie version of Fantastic Mr. Fox over in V’s neighborhood.

Tuesday: cheap fruit and feather kicking. I continued to work on my special moves including the “Super Kick” and the “Nantucket Back-Whack.”

Today, we went for a walk through the Botanical Garden and stuffed ourselves with large hamburgers.

Cinnamon rolls!

Chinese style dry-fried green beans.

Girl and dog.

Sea lion eating bait from the fishing lines at Crissy Field.

Sunset at the beach.

The redwood forest in Golden Gate Park.

A redwood.


Paper-like flower.

Grizzly succulents.

One of many gophers that was poking its head out of burrows to drag plants inside.

A lonely looking squirrel.

J made me a case for my iPad that matches the one for my abandoned iPod Touch.

June Gloom has gotten to me. But if the weather permits, to Muir Woods I go!

See J’s take on the past couple days here.

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