Photos from Meandering to Alemany Farm, San Francisco, California, USA, Earth, Milky Way, and Forever Thus.

Alemany Farm is an oasis of green next to “the projects,” 280 Highway, and the butt of Bernal Heights.

The Alemany Farm Mission:

  • Introduce children and adults to local food production and inspire visitors to start their own gardens at home.
  • Provide organic, healthy food to members of the community.
  • Grow leaders in the community somehow.
  • Promoting eco development by using urban agriculture as a way to develop green job skills.
  • Have some cool-ass beehives.

If all this sounds hippy-dippy, you are correct. But if you can get past the pachouli and focus on the pastoral, you’ll find yourself wanting to become deeply involved in keeping this farm thriving.

This time, however, J-DAWG and I were passive observers on our visit. We strolled along the paths as people slung dung around us. I bent over and examined a healthy crop of chard as my firm buttocks pointed northward to the orchard.

A bird, obviously distracted by such a shapely form, didn’t notice the amorous approach of her puffed-necked suitor. But with the certainty of death and taxes, the two birds copulated awkwardly. I gave the dude a thumbs up and wandered away.

Windmill for decoration only.

This butterfly wants to trick you into thinking it’s a Monarch, but it is so inferior. Don’t you feel sad for it?

Old plants.

A cover crop of fava beans growing next to some fine chianti.

Collard greens.


Ghost farmers in the sitting area.

Three buildings with useless backyards.

The bees on the hive go buzz, buzz, buzz.

On the way to and from the farm, we also came across moments like these:

Cat Lady makes the pink naked cat dance at The Alemany Farmer’s Market.

Pedestrian cage/bridge.

Argonne Community Garden in the Richmond is home to geocache I hid.

Cropped crops.


Preparing a deluxe geocache to deposit in Chinatown.

Parking garage at night, a spooky sight.

Catching True Grit at the 4-Star theater on Clement.

A closeup of the sign.

Tank Hill: one more park to cross off the list of parks we’ve been to.

The view of Corona Heights Park from Tank Hill.

Some bridge at sunset.

A man heads out to sea.

Crab fishing on Baker Beach.

Douche or modern-day Hemmingway?

Discovering a shrew on the serpentine hills of Inspiration Point in the Presidio.

In other news, I also whipped my Dordle blog on Tumblr into shape. While it was no fun trying to modify a theme on there, it went pretty quickly. And thanks to V’s suggestion, I finally stopped describing them as “low quality.” It’s time to stop being humble about my crappy drawings, and promote them as acceptable quality!

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