The First Batch of 5DmkII Photos From Over the Weekend, Resized to a Resolution Where You Can Barely Distinguish Between Photos From The Old Camera

On Friday and over the weekend, I tested out my new camera: a budget-busting and arm-strenghtening Canon 5DmkII. While I’m still adjusting to the exposure and autofocus system, this beast is quite a step up from my old camera. The effect isn’t as noticeable when the photos are resized for the web, but the images coming out of this camera are so crisp, detailed, and low in noise. I was doing some test at night in our apartment and even at 1600ISO it had about as much noise as my old camera would have around 400-800ISO. The autofocus generally seems good, though I’m so used to manual focus that I find myself using it now.

As I mentioned in the last post, this camera is making me rethink my blog. Eventually, all of the images are going to be only offered in the larger size. In the meantime, I recommend looking through this post in “embiggened” mode. Just click any of the photos and you can browse through them at 1000px wide. You miss the captions this way, but maybe that’s a good thing.

Friday: Chinatown and around work.

The hobo’s lounge in a Chinatown alley.

The hobo that lives in the streets by work I’ve nicknamed “Hobo Chi Mihn” because he wears a rice farmer hat smoking a pipe. This is his spread.

Chinese broccoli in a nutritious stack.

A store of unknown purpose.


Vegetables drying in an open window.

Tip: don’t mess with these dials.

Ladies and stools, a winning combination.

The long layover.

Stairs to the attic roof at work. Note: this photo was taken at 800ISO and is virtually noise free.

The secret conference room on the roof.

My thinking chair in the shadows of the towering phalluses of the Financial District.

This man was appraised as homeless.

Cool aftermarket exhaust getting installed on a building.

Two lions eating croissants.

Plenty of horse hitches and not a horse to be hitched.

J eating a tongue taco.

Sunset through Fort Mason windows.

Yeah, I gotta scarf. Wanna fight about it?

A stud ponders his handsomeness.

Sunset over dandelions.

My balls.

Saturday: Hiking to Kirby Cove in the Marin Headlands.

The hairy pubis of the Marin Headlands is the site of Kirby Cove.


The cove.

Scarlet pimpernel.

Lupine of the crag.

A thistle.

70 layer rock cake.

Too many dicks on the rock piles.

Dudleya, the most succulent of the coastal succulents.

One of many dinosaurs we spotted.

Hidden battery on the hike down to Kirby Cove.

Butterfly hiding in the pupae looking grass.

Hot butterfly on butterfly on action.

California poppies.

The main trail in Kirby Cove.

Cow Parsnip.

Looking westward on the secluded beach of Kirby Cove.

Looking eastward towards the bridge.

Hiking back through eucalyptus.

This wild turkey didn’t give a f-ck.

Sunday: Walking to Ocean Beach and Sutro Heights Park.

Cough. Aromatherapy.

White picket fence and a bed of matching flowers.

Kite surfers at Ocean Beach.

Wild coastal strawberries with fruit out the yin yang.

The lush ascension to Sutro heights Park.

Pride of madeira flowers overlooking the ocean. These are some of my favorite flowers, though they are non native.

A trail through saplings.

Lord of the Nasturtium.

Looking down Ocean Beach.

Kite surfer and rough surf.

The guardian of Sutro Heights.

Defunct DeLano’s.

The rain falls this morning after a sunny weekend. It must be time to get to work again.

Prosumer out.

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