A Sunny Weekend at the End of October

It’s hard to escape from a feverish toothache. The uneasy sensation draws attention from the outside world, and I think this weekend a lot of beautiful scenery and personal moments passed by with so little as a Daum-style thumbs up.

So I apologize to you, my bike, sunny weather, ocean views, wedding of people I didn’t know, and banana smoothies.

Pizza eater.

Mamma J’s homestyle pie.

Trouble in paradise.

Withering heights.

Shady figure.

The church house.

Hillside at sunset.

Baby butt hills.

Pumpkin and goat.

The occident and the ornament.

Sunny Sunday.

Sorry, I ain’t no…

The prettiest road in all the land.


The high road.

Layers of view.

J. scouts for a resting spot.

If my tooth is still acting funny by Wednesday, I’ll get it checked (or yanked) out.

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