A Walk from Russian Hill to the Mission and Back

Saturday’s three hour walk consisted of one bud, two cameras, and a taste for food and walking from Russian Hill to the Mission and back.

Along the way, this is some of what I saw:

Living life in the fast lane.

Pink trim spruces up even the most dirty doorways.


Laughing at Egyptian gods.

Arabesque within Reach.

A shadow falls on American flag window covering. Symbolic?


Facing the wrong way.

Modern medical facilities.

For sale.

Geometric seizure wall.

An inhuman touch.

Pedestrians versus transportation infrastructure run amok.

Blue man church.

Taxi chat.

Old loft looks sad.

J DAWG Ice-cream Fresh

Do you want what’s behind door number 2772, or would you like to try your luck with door number 2776?

An sunny afternoon slog.

Pumpkin king guards the stoop.

Please deposit manifestos here.

Under the pass and dreaming.

Notch expands his empire.

Alley Cad.

When you enter your room, you’ll Sai.

Hybrid trouble at the wash.

Insane Clown Pendant.

And after a long walk, there was no better way to cool down than than some side by side Left 4 Dead 2 versus multiplayer. Reloading!

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