Final Post of 2011

Back from Dallas, J and I made the most of the fleeting vacation days on bike, rental car, and foot.

The mysterious room.

Wall of windows.

Where is my mind?

Champion hole.

Birthday view.

The classiest bar on the boat.

Where the bikes are stored.


You’re the dog now, Dawg.

Experimenting with legos results in my own tumbler.

Stucco trouble.

External couch.

Monitor A.

‘Shrooms and rape van by an Office Max.


Boat launch pumpkin.

Abandoned shacks along the marsh.

Another shack.

Salton Sea-esque?

Dry dock crane.

Boating tape.

A sea of obligations.

Restricted road.

The haunted gate.

Retro car illustration parked by a house.

On the tracks.



Dormant grapes and thriving oxalis.


Sutro sunset.

Goodbye 2011.

I’m ready for you, 2012.

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