Dordle Cards Mostly Shipped in a Long Feeling January

As of yesterday, all 206 Dordle Card orders from $5 to $60 are out the door. Only nine more custom Dordles need to be finished, and most of the them are well under way.

Between the cold weather and catching the “Utah Cold” that seems to be floating around, I’ve felt out of it. And like a modern day Mary, I’ve been licking as many things around town as I can. It’s the only way to feel connected to the place.

Piles of Dordle cards getting ready to be sorted and packed.

Signing personalized notes for each order.

J helping band the packs.

All of the orders from the $5 to $30 level.

Service signs.


Looking down the steepest part of Filbert Street, which is rated the steepest in town by the International Society of Slants and Measures.

Our oyster mushrooms thriving on the kitchen table.

The first harvest using my Pan’s Labyrinth knife.

And the pasta dish they helped make.

On a 37 mile bike ride in the Headlands with N and J.

Termite damage.

Onion dome laser turrets aimed at planet Unorthodoxia.

Door nuts.

My advice to all the ladies of the world.

The tangerine guardian.

The secret to their buffalo burgers is potatoes.

Separation anxiety dogs.

Dual buzzers.

J. J. Evans would say, “DYNO-BLIGHT!!!”

Saigon Sandwich.

Stacks of produce on Clement.

One of many motion sensor cameras I installed in our newly wallpapered office men’s room. Classy and Orwellian.

There’s a long list of things I want to do this year, and I hope to start chipping away at it soon.

Until then I bow to thee, my bacterial overlords.

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