The Last Month in Photos: Hikes, Alabama, Etc.

I’ve been slacking on updates recently, but it’s only because I’ve been losing interest in maintaining this blog due to other things going on my life.

The most exciting development so far is finally putting together a portfolio of my travel photography. You can find it at NIKDAUM.COM Photography.

The photos have gotten a great mention on It’s Nice That and an interview at Don’t Panic!.

In other news, projects have been gearing up for production at work. Which means I’ll be heading to Mexico City and Los Angeles soon.

So before all my interesting Mexico photos overshadow this blog, here are a few photos from the last month:

Vintage scooter from a Scooter Rage rally.

View from Mt. Tam after an epic group ride.

My attempt at making Scotch eggs. Good taste, horrible appearance.

The firing range on the south shore of Lake Merced.

Ammo and gunmen.

Clay pigeon launching derreck.

Aim high!

Asian snacks

Woods along the hike to the beach in Marin. We were camping in Olema.

Approaching the ocean.

Grassy view.

Ivy covered erections.

Land slide.

Sand waves.


Tent in the grass.

Returning to the car.

Our camping buddies.


Our indoor strawberry plants.

And our indoor tomatoes.

Another view.

J’s parents approach their birthday/anniversary party in Tennessee.

Mr. Skeptic.

No relation.

J and her old friends humoring her story.

Party view.

Indian points towards our destination in Alabama.

The backyard of our Alabama lakeside rental house.

Reeds and lake.

Our boat dock.

Canoe and kid.

Playing with glow sticks.


J’s brother’s family pulls in the powerboat.

My favorite canoeing area: the quiet frog-filled marsh.

J looking tired at the Reclaimed Baggage Center. One of the airlines main lost luggage destinations.

The spot for a 12 person dinner outside the house.

Morning fog and father-daughter canoe.


Dew web.

Underused Adirondacks.

Doe, a deer. A concrete deer.

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